Parent or not, schools matter

26 August 2015
When purchasing a home there are several factors to consider such as price, type, and costs to name a few. Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, says that of all...
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Ways to use your tax refund on your home

24 August 2015
During July this year many homeowners would have submitted a tax return and possibly received a lump sum of money back from the South African Revenue Service. Adrian Goslett, Regional Director an...
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Purchasing a fixer-upper

19 August 2015
Buying a home that is in need of attention can be a highly beneficial investment, however, this is dependent on whether the purchaser takes the necessary precautions and follows the right procedu...
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Tips for surviving a house hunt

18 August 2015
Beginning the journey to find the right home is an exciting time for buyers, although in today’s competitive market with a limited number of homes available for purchase, it might take buyers som...
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Pros and cons of going from renting to owning

13 August 2015
Although a worthwhile endeavour, deciding to take the step away from renting and towards owning a property comes with its own set of challenges. For this reason, says Adrian Goslett, Regional Dire...
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Things to avoid when selling your home

11 August 2015
While it is useful to learn from your mistakes, it is far more ideal to learn from other people’s mistakes and thereby avoid making them altogether. According to Adrian Goslett, Regional Dir...
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Property ownership hinges on savings

05 August 2015
According to statistics from the South African Savings Institute, at the end of 2014 the average household debt to disposable income ratio was around 78.3%. Essentially what this means is that the...
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Is it time to sell your home?

08 June 2015
With the shortage of property available at the moment, many homeowners may be more inclined to put their property on the market and take advantage of the current conditions. "Inventory shortag...
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Tips for selling your second property

01 June 2015
For those who own a second property or holiday home, they will know that it represents years of pipe dreaming, carefully planning and a desire to better one?s life. It is for this reason that selli...
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Tools that homeowners can't live without

01 June 2015
Purchasing a home is an amazing milestone that most people aspire to, however owning a property comes with certain additional responsibilities such as home maintenance. To ensure that the value of...
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